Monday, 14 September 2015


We are learning about Rangatiratanga (Leadership and initiative).

This is what we think Rangatiratanga is...
  • Helping new kids –showing them what to do and where things are
  • Doing something without being asked
  • Helping
  • Solving problems for ourselves… thinking
  • Leading by example… showing by doing
  • It is not being a bossy boots
Rangatiratanga (Leadership and Initiative) - it is all about thinking and making some choices for ourselves. 

We need to think for ourselves!!

I show rangatiratanga - (leadership and initiative) in the classroom.
Kerri thinks

I show rangatiratanga - (leadership and initiative) in the playground.
Kerri thinks

My Reflection
I show rangatiratanga in the playground by: sharing and playing together nicely. Letting people join in your game. I am doing the right thing.

I show rangatiratanga in the classroom when: I follow my i-time card and don't change until it's time.

It was really hard when: When i don't what to do what i am supposed  to do.

Kerri Thinks
You are working hard to show rangatiratanga in the classroom. You use your I time card so you know what activities you should be doing. Remember that to be a leader you need to be doing the right thing and also trying your very best. Trying your very best is your next learning step.

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